White Hat SEO

Before SEO came this technical, it was fairly considered as a matter of content, rich content per say. In today’s SEO world, there is still the saying that “Content is the King!” and I am sure not many SEOs would argue on this statement. White hat SEO focuses mainly on content – basically on how user-friendly and information-packed your content is. When your content is good, people will buzz about it in Twitter, Facebook and all the other social media tools and online tools that are available to the internet users today – which will, in turn, drive traffic to your website.

To make it simple for all of you guys, white hat method is the good, clean way which makes quality, competitive, information-packed content it’s main weapon and tool. While black hat method is the ‘how-to-go around the rules’ method which uses doorway pages, invisible texts, keyword stuffing and comment spamming. It abuses artificial and technical loopholes as it’s main route to attain higher page rank.

Here’s a table taken from the site: Silverdisc.com that explains the difference between a white hat and black hat approach to SEO

Black Hat
Content and Links: Search Engines
Visibility to Humans: Hidden
Quality of Work: Hidden
Search Engines: Enemies
Domains/Brands: Disposable
Site & Relevance: Apparently Improved
Results: Yes, “Short” Term
Ethical Techniques: No
Legal: No?

White Hat
Content and Links: Humans
Visibility to Humans: Visible
Quality of Work: Visible
Search Engines: Nothing / Friends
Domains/Brands: Cherished, Primary Domain
Site & Relevance: Actually Improved
Results: Yes, “Long” Term
Ethical Techniques: Yes
Legal: Yes?


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