What is Linkbaiting?

– Linkbait is essentially a piece of content placed on a web page – whether it’s an article, blog post, picture, or any other section of cyberspace – that is designed for the specific intention of gathering links from as many different sources as possible.

– Linkbait describes a variety of practices – all of which seek to generate incoming links to a website or blog from other sites.

– Linkbait focuses on creating unique, useful and provocative content that people respond to by linking to it and sharing with others.

– Linkbaiting refers to content, videos, images or anything on the web that is created with the intention of increasing links to a website.

– “Linkbait is the website content that targets link-friendly audiences. Its goals include high levels of traffic, visibility, branding, numerous links. Linkbait combines the practices of viral marketing with popular tech brands.” (SEOMoz)

– Linkbait is not manipulation. If a blogger links to your content, it should be because their audience benefits directly from that link – they learn something new, have access to a fantastic tool, get a hearty laugh or discover something that provokes discussion.

– The linkbait way of link building is a mindset. To do it well, you need to put thoughts of manipulating the system to one side and focus entirely on providing value to your clients users and making that value easy to link to.


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