Verizon iPhone again? Rumor or Truth?

We’ve been hearing these Verizon iPhone and CDMA iPhone literally for years now, and so far, no dice. Back when the iPad was unveiled last January, word was Steve Jobs would announce the Verizon iPhone — and it didn’t happen. Rumors about Verizon — or any other carrier besides AT&T — have been floating around ever since the original iPhone first came out back in 2007, and now we have fresh grist for the rumor mill, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal.

The new, CDMA-ready iPhone could be ready by the first quarter of next year, notes the Journal, repeating what many analysts and other rumormongers have been saying for months now. The Journal story would appear to bolster reports late last month that Apple and its suppliers were ramping up to churn out about 3 million CDMA iPhones for an early 2011 launch.

So, I ask you: Do you believe the CDMA iPhone rumors? Want an iPhone on Verizon, or any carrier besides AT&T?


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