The Truth Behind SEO

Wow! Your web site has finally reached the first page of Google. Surely it has taken a lot of time and efforts and you wish to sit back and relax. But the thing  is, now is the time when a true SEO specialist needs to work even harder. Many would say the main purpose of SEO is to increase the ranking of a website but the truth is first rank is just a part of SEO.

What benefit that is the increase in sales or returns a company receives after the first ranking is actually the crux of SEO. When you start a website you concentrate only on increasing its visibility and not the earnings because you cannot judge how it will work. Hence this can be judged perfectly only when you are at the top position through statistic analyses. In fact Statistics analyses can revewl data helpful for higher conversion.

Statistics analyses is analyzing the traffic coming to the website, how much, from where and the time spent by each individual on the site. This means that if people are spending less time on your website, it is less useful to them and it also implies that you will have to work a little more so as to provide data which can give a grip to the visitors.

Different tools are available in the market for this purpose. But all do not have the same ability to reveal data. Try tools which give a free trial so that you know what kind of data it gives and how it will be useful to you. Once you have the data required start the process to make changes so as to make sure you have visitors spending more time on your website and filling up enquiry forms.

I personally would recommend “Google Analytics”, it’s a free tool offered by Google. It provides many useful functions to analyzing the traffic coming to a subscribed web site.


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