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SEOmoz – Started as a great online SEO community with lots of useful information about search marketing and SEO. SEOmoz is the most influential tool & company I can rely on. Their Mozbar is an awesome browser plug-in that I use on a daily basis.

SEObook – Also a very helpful SEO website, the browser plug-in tools from this website is also very helpful, I often use the rank checker for any one-off rank checking. This site is full of great information in the industry of SEO, it’s always my backup website for useful resources.

Sherpa – Great marketing articles, focus’ on a much more broad view of marketing than SEOmoz & SEObook. Useful tips & tricks are relevant here.

Matt Cutts – Can’t list useful articles without introducing the great master before Google search algorithm


Google Webmasters Tool
– The great online resource offered by Google to check the health of your site, among other useful information. This also shows keywords your site is aimed at & what is working well.

Google Analytics – GA is still one of my favorite analytics software for any specific & customizable information that I can pinpoint the areas that are struggling as well as what is working well.

Screaming Frog // Xenu for PC – Spiders that you don’t have to be afraid of. Crawl your website & see what Google crawlers see. Check the site structure, title ags, meta’s, broken or deadend links.

Linkdiagnosis // Backlink Watch // OSE – Other useful Back link tools. Find who links to you under what anchor text. Helps when checking for spam.

– Check on how your sites ranking on mobile devices? The organic search results can be slightly different from desktop results.

Google Insights for Search


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