Verizon iPhone again? Rumor or Truth?

October 7th, 2010Posted by Li Ma

ShareTweet We’ve been hearing these Verizon iPhone and CDMA iPhone literally for years now, and so far, no dice. Back when the iPad was unveiled last January, word was Steve Jobs would announce the Verizon iPhone — and it didn’t happen. Rumors about Verizon — or any other carrier besides AT&T — have been floating […]

Three FREE Useful SEO tools for Firefox

September 29th, 2010Posted by Li Ma

ShareTweet Today I would like to share with you three Firefox add-on tools I use the most for SEO work. Of course the most popular SEO tool out there now is the SEOmoz Pro tool or the new name for it, “Open Site Explorer.” These three tools are different from it, they are more for […]

Google Pulling “Wave” Due to Lack of Interest

August 4th, 2010Posted by Li Ma

ShareTweet Google Inc. said Wednesday it is pulling the plug on its “Google Wave” collaborative messaging service due to a lack of user interest. Unveiled last year amid much fanfare, Wave was supposed to revolutionize the way people communicated online by letting them exchange messages in real-time and collaboratively edit documents. It was regarded by […]

Is Bing going to out-innovate Google?

August 3rd, 2010Posted by Li Ma

ShareTweet Without a doubt, Google is one of the smartest, most innovative companies in the world, but in its core business — online search — it’s being routinely shown up by Microsoft’s third-place search engine, Bing. Bing is a surprisingly fast-moving, innovative product — and it’s forcing Google to play catch-up time and time again. […]

2011 Audi A7 Sportback Offically Unveiled

August 1st, 2010Posted by Li Ma

ShareTweet Audi has dropped another styling thunderbolt onto the hopes and budgets of its rivals by unveiling its slinky A7 five-door in Munich’s modern art museum. A size larger than its existing A5 Sportback and aimed squarely at the Mercedes-Benz CLS and BMW 5-Series GT, the A7 will hit dealerships in late September. Initially offered […]

NYC’s first public EV charging station

July 16th, 2010Posted by Li Ma

ShareTweet Big Apple residents, get ready to rock the highway to the O-V lane in your EV, because downtown EV recharging just got a little bit easier. Coulomb has dropped one of its ChargePoint stations in a parking lot near the Port Authority. It’s just the first of 100 hitting the city and 4,600 coming […]

China Renews License for Google

July 13th, 2010Posted by Li Ma

ShareTweet China confirmed Sunday that it has renewed Google’s license to operate after a months-long standoff over Internet censorship, saying the company had pledged it wouldn’t provide “lawbreaking content.” Google said Friday it had received approval to operate in the world’s most populous country, after it agreed to stop automatically rerouting users of to […]

Do You Want to become a SEO Specialist?

June 19th, 2010Posted by Li Ma

ShareTweet There are many internet marketing resources out there that give out tips and pointers about increasing your website’s rankings and traffic, getting back links, optimizing a PPC campaign, etc. Just do a Google search for “SEO” or “How to get my website ranked in Google” and you will get millions of results. Unfortunately, when […]

It’s official, Apple’s iPhone 4 is real

June 7th, 2010Posted by Li Ma

ShareTweet The rumors are true: iPhone 4 is real and it’s coming on June 24. Steve Jobs has just wrapped up his announcement of the 4th generation of the wildly popular iPhone on stage at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco, California, along with countless other surprises. The iPhone 4 features a new […]

What is Linkbaiting?

May 28th, 2010Posted by Li Ma

ShareTweet – Linkbait is essentially a piece of content placed on a web page – whether it’s an article, blog post, picture, or any other section of cyberspace – that is designed for the specific intention of gathering links from as many different sources as possible. – Linkbait describes a variety of practices – all […]