Link Building Tips and Trends in 2011

Link building is an extremely important part of SEO. The more websites you have linking into your site, the more credible your site appears to the search engines. Credible websites get awarded with higher search engine page result rankings which will allow more potential customers to see your Website, therefore increasing sales.

• In 2011, Bing and Blekko will become great places to build links. Last year, many link builders relied heavily on Google and Google’s search listings. However, although Google is never going away, other search engines will step out of the shadows and bring great link building opportunities to marketers.

• Start to concentrate on creating well-rounded link popularity. Make sure your links are coming from a variety of places such as social media networks, link directories, blogs, older sites, newer sites, articles, social bookmarking sites and more. Generating links from many different platforms will allow you to create a larger list. It also makes your site look more credible to search engines than if all your links were coming from just link directories or just social media networks alone.
• Link builders should begin to focus more on how to secure links rather than just ways to generate lists of link building sites and opportunities. Without the right link building technique, a list isn’t worth much in the long run anyway.

• The rise of apps is beginning to take people away from actual Websites. In order to combat this, it’s important to develop a loyal following to use for link building as well as product announcements. Try to gain opt-in email addresses and split your Internet marketing campaign into two parts, one to focus on link building and one to focus on driving traffic to your site, email marketing and social media. Building your following leaves you with a back-up plan if apps do end up totally driving people away from Websites, because you’ll be able to get links from your fans/followers.

• In 2011, expect to see smaller brands ranking better based on customer service reviews and social media interaction. In previous years, big brands have had the most power when it comes to online marketing. However, smaller brands tend to provide better customer service and now social media and customer review sites have allowed that quality to shine.

• Start using social media networks Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for link building.


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