Google App indexing

On October 31, Google announced a new capability of their main Search Engines functionality, the mechanism is called “App Indexing.”

More Info on Google Webmaster Central Blog.
Google App Indexing Example
Just like how googlebots crawl and index websites, they can now index content from an Android app. Google is currently testing app indexing with an initial group of publishers and developers. “Deep links” for these selected applications will start to appear in Google search results for signed-in users on Android in the US in a few weeks. If you are interested to participate in this test for our Android app, here are some next steps you have to take:

1. Let Google know here that you’re interested to participate in this new feature testing. Google is still working to bring this functionality to more websites and apps in the near future.

2. Enable deep linking within our Android app.

3. Provide information about alternate app URIs, either in the XML Sitemaps file or in a link element in pages of GCOM.

App indexing is only available for Android apps at the time. No word yet on whether it could expand to iPhone or Windows apps as well.


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