Apple’s New Toy, the New iPhone 4G Leaked Out

Yesterday Jason Chen, Editor at Gizmodo broke the news about Apple’s next generation iPhone, the iPhone 4G. Today, they’ve been all over our televisions: Good Morning America, The View, Morning Joe  and The Today Show for starters. Gizmodo claim that the iPhone 4G was found in a bar, and the person who found it sold it to them. Gizmodo’s own Jason Chen got a visit from Good Morning America, where we got an up-close look at the now legendary little lost iPhone. Chen gave a bit of insight into what may have happened at that bar in March, and how horrifying it would be to be anywhere near Jobs right now.

The following new features are added in iPhone 4G smartphone:

  • Front-facing camera – Used for Video Chat
  • Back camera – They’re saying it’s improved
  • Micro-SIM – , as opposed to the standard SIM in the current iPhone
  • Improved display
  • Power, mute, and volume buttons are metallic

You can see a video and gallery of pictures of it on Gizmodo here


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