2010 Google Toolbar PageRank Update

Did the Google PageRank Bunny visit your site over this past weekend to drop off a basket of Google [Toolbar] PageRank Easter eggs? Or did he/she raid your fridge and hop away with some of your site’s PageRank?

For those who are new to this term, PageRank is a scale to check popularity thru backlinks and many other factors by Google and it affects your visibility on search engine. Google PageRank term was named after Larry Page who developed this concepts of PageRank (PR) for Google.

Over the past weekend the first Google ‘Toolbar’ PageRank update of 2010 occurred which left some site owners quite happy, some a bit bewildered and did not affect many. Now, we should all be reminded that ‘Toolbar’ PageRank is different than Google PageRank because the PageRank displayed in the toolbar is not 100% reflective of the way Google judges the value of a website. A site without PageRank can still rank well in the Google index. A Site with a PageRank 2 can outrank a PageRank 8. Sometimes, Google will take the PageRank away, but that will not result in your site ranking lower or less traffic.

So, that being said, PageRank is still the center of the Google universe according to many webmasters and publishers and although it’s just a “little green bar.” I’d like to know how did the 2010 Google PageRank Update affect your website?


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