Welcome to lima365! My name is Li Ma, and I am a Chicago SEO Specialist and Digital Marketing strategist living in the great windy city, Chicago. Through years of experience working on numerous SEO and online marketing projects, I have built and acquired extensive skills and experience in web development, Internet marketing, Search Engine Optimization SEO), and web analytics. I am specialized in rebuilding under-performing web sites and relaunching them, while preserving and improving the existing inbound links and search engine rankings. Through a customized set of SEO and other creative internet marketing strategies tailored to different types of business, I have successfully delivered results to generate traffic, sales, and imroive ROI from local business operations to Fortune 500 corporations,. When internet users are searching for keywords of certain specific services and/or products, such as "" for my site, we want to ensure the organic search listing of your company is one of the first they come across on major search engines. Through marketing strategic planning, organic search engine optimization, web designing and developing for the local search, I have achieved successful results to driving a variety of businesses to the forefront of both local or worldwide market. A successful SEO practice will not only catch more visitors' attention but also turn those visitors into customers. As a result, it can significantly increase the brand exposure and online presence for your business, drive target traffic, and bring a higher ROI than any comparable form of marketing."
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of fine tuning your website to get higher rankings on Internet Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Broadly speaking there are two types of optimization, "on-page" and "off-page". On-page optimization deals with the layout and format of a web page to make it attractive to a search engine. Off-page optimization deals with external factors like the number of people linking to your page.

A well-designed web site will help to generate more business. However, without finding the web site in the search results by using relevant search terms, it won't have the full potential to bring the benefits to the business. This is where a Internet marketing specialist comes in to help. There are generally two routes to achieve the goal of a good ranking position on search engines: Paid vs. Free. The easier route is to use paid advertising like PPC (pay per click) to get your website on 1st page from Search Engines, but PCC can be costly. Unless you’re a big corporation with huge budget, it’ll kill any small business right on the spot. That's why small businesses are more likely to look for help in Organic Search Rankings and aiming for a free way to advertise on Google. Search Engine Optimization services helps business owners in different industries to solve the problem of it. It normally cost as less as 10-20 % of regular PPC services, but the result will be much more significant and well trusted. SEO services involve a combination of using special designed software and professional techniques, such as keyword research, on page HTML & CSS coding optimization, traffic tracking, and link building. It is definitely not a rocket science subject, but the result of SEO services truly depends on the strategist's knowledge and experiences.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Process:


1.Analyze the architectural design and structure of the Web Site and make sure it’s SEO friendly
2.SEO Keyword Research (competition, popularity, and search volumes)
3.Then sit down with client and narrow down what keyword terms will be targeted
4.OnPage Optimization (meta tags, title, content, cleaning of code or re-design if needed and more)
5.Site map creation
6.Analytics Installation (if not already done so)
7.Link Building and other off-page SEO practices (social media networking, directory submission, relevant forums, Dmoz, blog and ect)
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My name is Li Ma. I am a Chicago based "SEO Scientist" with extensive knowledge and experience in Search Engine Optimization and other Digital Marketing strategies and best practices.